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Section 5 is devoted to the evaluation of the instantaneous mass and instantaneous decay rate over short and long times.
On the other hand, the CTC technique [3, 4] can calculate at least the instantaneous spatially and temporally resolved flame shape information directly in 3D, using comparatively simpler and less costly arrangements.
Therefore we derive explicit equations of Fourier spectrum, envelope spectrum, and Fourier spectrum of instantaneous frequency, for better understanding their spectral structure.
where the independent variable t denotes time and time functions a(t) and [theta](t) are called the instantaneous amplitude and the instantaneous phase function or, by Bendat and Piersol [30], the envelop signal and the instantaneous phase signal of x(t), respectively.
ASBU Director-General Abderrahim Souleiman said instantaneous broadcast has become of paramount importance.
Therefore, they provide not only long-term fairness in homogeneous traffic but also the possibility of instantaneous fairness to some degree even in heterogeneous traffic.
This method may be divided into three parts: Process (i), i.e., the experiment to acquire the measured data that are to be used to derive the Transient Correction Factor (TCF) calculation formula (TCF formula); Process (ii), i.e., the simulation to acquire the calculation data for deriving the TCF formula; Process (iii), i.e., the actual derivation of the TCF formula; Process (iv), i.e., the simulation method that comprises the conventional simulation method described in Figure 1 plus correction by multiplying the instantaneous fuel consumption by TCF.
Modulation information can be extracted by performing spectrum analysis to the instantaneous amplitude (envelope signal, obtained directly by the decomposition) of each PF component rather than by performing Hilbert transform to the PF components.
The goal of the paper is to develop the principles of the modern theories of instantaneous active and reactive power and to obtain calculation relations for determining the components of the additional electrical energy losses power in three-phase ESS by using pqr spatial coordinates.
Developed adaptation model intend to instantaneous overcurrent protection, definite time overcurrent protection and earth fault protection.
Another of the challenges is the instantaneous world of today.
Based on vehicle's torque, energy control strategies of PHEV are mainly divided into four types [3, 4]: static logic threshold energy control strategy, instantaneous optimal energy control strategy, global optimal energy control strategy, and neural network energy control strategy.

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