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The instantaneousness of Machinima lends itself to this comparison with live theatre; the presence of the 3D puppet and the immediacy of the interaction in controlling the avatar for performance are fundamental to the analysis.
This history of the meaning of the work is not only its past, the eve or the sleep in which it precedes itself in an author's intentions, but is also the impossibility of its ever being present, of its ever being summarized by some absolute simultaneity or instantaneousness.
The seeming instantaneousness of worldwide communication by wireless telegraphy and radio transmission (with radical improvements in the years of the war), the technological innovations frantically fuelled by war itself--the warplane, the submarine, the new kinds of German U-boats, the so-called MAS, or "Motobarca Armata SVAN" (the fast Italian torpedo boats and gunboats developed from around 1915 by the Societa Veneziana Automobili Navali), the machine-gun, the bombs--and, especially, the accelerated rhythm of destruction and mass production of armaments that characterized the first modern war, contributed to bolster the myth of speed as the quintessence of modernity, (20) and the ultimate weapon of contemporary man and "masculine" nations.
t] denote the instantaneousness consumption rate of the family per unit time.
Even crazier than usual: Alexander's (1) 18th birthday on our lawn is an 'Instant City' of even faster instantaneousness than we could ever have imagined in the '60s.
While the instantaneousness of the information can be an effective way to quickly trace transactions in response to a suspected food-borne illness or recall event, there are other advantages.
11) Still, there is good cause to believe that, in context, the absolute instantaneousness of alchemy in this quatrain can only be a joke.
The instantaneousness associated with television, computers, and electronic instruments has made practicing an instrument for hours seem like never-ending drudgery and certainly not worth all the years it takes to be successful.