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Some writers have elaborated on this periodization to claim that recent decades have exhibited a further intensification of this long-term trend, as evinced by growing reliance on information and communication technologies that provide economic actors with dramatically improved opportunities to make use of simultaneity and instantaneousness.
He examines some of the characteristics technology possesses--disengagement, instantaneousness, and ubiquity--in determining that technology generates an ambiguity on the battlefield.
In the perpetual now of ads, instantaneousness renders obsolete T.
There was thus a predisposition for a kind of instantaneousness in everyday life capable of sketching in a few suggestive but indubitable lines a paradoxically fleeting reality and, to put it more accurately, in the Japanese expression, "floating".
There is a great risk of reducing the rich content of eschatology to a kind of instantaneousness of the present decision at the expense of the temporal, historical, communitarian, and cosmic aspects contained in the hope of the Resurrection.
Instantaneousness is essential to the respective theatrical statements.
Our capacity to inhabit a permanent, undecaying instantaneousness is the mark of the otherworldliness of our world.
The Internet's speed and instantaneousness infringe on that turf, and many broadcast stations have become less concerned with being accurate than with being first.
Reflecting on his own actions Pierre cries out, "Thou didst cruelly burst upon her with it; thy impetuousness, thy instantaneousness hath killed her, Pierre
What functions, narratively--since after all Duperey is telling a story in a fairly organized way--is not so much what the text has to say about the pictures (the visual presence of the photograph is not necessary for a narration about it), or what the pictures add beside the text (the instantaneousness of the photographic information never seems redundant with the temporal development of the text), but the articulation itself of text and pictures, the dialogue that is constructed between these two different kinds of narrative actors.
I want you to experience the instantaneousness with which the uproarious din of a Chuck E.