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the electronic nudnik is sheltered by anonymity, his acts amplified by an almost inconceivable multiplication and instantaneousness of transmission.
(28) Although instantaneousness is made permanent, the instant is not present all at once to the viewer's consciousness.
Amini was counteracting what Paul Virilio characterizes as "disappearance" as a kind of politics of "repression" in a world of ubiquity and instantaneousness. (56) Amini's intimate knowledge of the body-politic (as well as body politic), which makes difference disappear by flattening it into the Cartesian coordinates of desirable orders and necessary regimentations, issues forth his body as a political tableau by recuperating its poetic dimension and by recovering its "being as human." It is not the poem alone that constitutes the poetics of Amini's being; it is the recognition and reclamation by Amini of his body as a hidden site of political-poetics.
Based on an inherently nomadic medium, moblogging merges the instantaneousness of electronic journalism with the personal point-of-view attributes of journals, diaries, scrapbooks, and soapboxes.
The instantaneousness of each seam demonstrated the overwhelming excellence of this method, which would have enabled a seamstress to increase a hundredfold the daily amount of work obtained with the best sewing machine.
It seems incredible that only eight years ago the world's major newspapers began to extend their communications capabilities to the instantaneousness that they have today.
The instantaneousness of modern communication seems, reflexively, to require the more durable medium of a book to validate a conspicuous event.
"With the help of print and the near instantaneousness implemented by electronic media (the telegraph first, later radio teletype and electronic transmission of photography), the newspaper writer could bring his reader into his own on-the-spot experience, availing himself in both sports and war of the male's strong sense of camaraderie based on shared hardships" (p.
He examines some of the characteristics technology possesses--disengagement, instantaneousness, and ubiquity--in determining that technology generates an ambiguity on the battlefield.
In the perpetual now of ads, instantaneousness renders obsolete T.
Some writers have elaborated on this periodization to claim that recent decades have exhibited a further intensification of this long-term trend, as evinced by growing reliance on information and communication technologies that provide economic actors with dramatically improved opportunities to make use of simultaneity and instantaneousness. In this vein, Harvey has tried to demonstrate that economic crises are intimately linked to relatively intense bouts of social and economic acceleration.