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in Scottish civil procedure, the part of an initial writ that specifies the names and designations of the parties to an action. See also COURT OF FIRST INSTANCE.

COURT, INSTANCE. One of the branches of the English admiralty is called an instance court. Vide Instance Court.

INSTANCE, civil and French law. It signifies, generally, all sorts of actions and judicial demands. Dig. 44, 7, 58.

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In this section, we instantiate four synchronous pattern state machines and use these instances to build an Event-B model of an embedded control system.
How difficult, then, is it to find a low-cost ordering of the variables to instantiate? To answer this question, we analyzed the effect of different orderings on the cost of solving the instances from set RAND-A (see Section 3.1 for details on this set).
A Form that is empty without reason, call it a "naturally empty Form" just to give it a name, would probably have to be something like the Form of beauty if it were never instantiated, not because of a practical or conceptual problem, such as the destruction of all things beautiful, but simply because nothing ever happens to instantiate it, as might be the case if nothing at all were ever beautiful.
The organization firmware in each hardware module has to instantiate partition packages, feed them with necessary information, negotiate with them about their required resources, and connect them to router and supervision partitions.
Othering is a complex of cultural and political practices that instantiate identity by framing and reproducing difference.
--Given the goal :- fivequeens (L)., the program will instantiate L to be a list of 5 values, indicating the row positions of the 5 queens.
WR essentially searches the whole space in order to instantiate the first variable, but after doing so it performs only window queries which are cheap operations in R-trees (in this sense it is similar to INLJ).
This causes the CGI program to instantiate and the server will attach the standard output file handle of the CGI program to the socket connection back to the browser.
It is proposed that connective processes are organized not by space-time parameters, but by semantic parameters (such as semantic proximity), which instantiate nonlocal connections between distant semantic fields.
The model proposes that progress toward more expert-like task behavior can be assessed by measuring change in the automaticity with which the knowledge to instantiate and perform task behaviors is accessed.
This will instantiate as a causal relation "this ball's momentum caused that ball's momentum", even if they had never collided.