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in Scottish civil procedure, the part of an initial writ that specifies the names and designations of the parties to an action. See also COURT OF FIRST INSTANCE.
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COURT, INSTANCE. One of the branches of the English admiralty is called an instance court. Vide Instance Court.

INSTANCE, civil and French law. It signifies, generally, all sorts of actions and judicial demands. Dig. 44, 7, 58.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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What he can be read as claiming is that mental properties are physical though extrinsic properties that cause the instantiation of physical properties other than bodily movements --which are the effects of the instantiation of intrinsic properties.
Because a musical work must first exist in time to be apprehended by an audience, the more accurate instantiation of a musical work truly is likely its performance.
The vertical axes in both graphs show the measures for instantiation indices of semantic relations in a constituent family, and the horizontal axes show the log measures for the respective family size.
He shows how this approach improves our understanding of properties and instantiation.
The instantiation of the Event-B design pattern is a renaming process for the variable names, constant names, and the event names of a pattern.
It does not entail that the instantiation of one or more members of B (i.e., of at least one natural property) is necessary for the instantiation of F, and thus does not entail that F supervenes on the set of natural properties.
Negative instantiation of propriety is deployed in the text to satirise the ruling party, lawless Nigerians as well as all manner of moral decadences Nigeria as a country is battling with.
This study planned instantiation and pilot user testing based on Etelaaho.
These issues contribute to the objectives of the research, during the instantiation of the Target model and in the use of the wiki, with its convenience, ease of use and behavior change, contributing to the MLL.
(65) On the matter of modes of immanence, I am satisfied with the admittedly vague notion of instantiation. A position outside the optimal range is not automatically wrong.
The ground instantiation of the rule contains [2.sup.n] ground rules, corresponding to the number of n-tuples, over a set of two elements.
"Phase change memory is the first instantiation of a universal memory with properties of both DRAM and flash, thus answering one of the grand challenges of our industry," said Dr Haris Pozidus, Manager of non-volatile memory research at IBM Research, and also the co-author of the paper presented at Zurich.