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INSTAR. Likeness; resemblance; equivalent as, instar dentium, like teeth; instar omnium, equivalent to all.

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Effect of optical brighteners on the insecticidal activity of a nucleopolyhedrovirus in three instars of Spodoptera frugiperda.
Early instars of a second generation were observed in early July, with third through fifth instars present in September and rarely in October (1 third instar) and November (1 fourth instar).
Descriptive studies of dytiscid first instars are often by necessity based on few specimens because the larvae are difficult to collect and/or culture.
This behaviour is assumed to be advantageous to the first and second instars in helping them avoid desiccation and predation.
The spiderlings emerged from their cocoons in instars C, D, and E, both in the treatment and control groups.
2004), quando puderam observar que os tratamentos nao influenciaram a composicao quimica dos frutos, e observaram, tambem, que na temperatura de 46[gradosC, a fase de ovo e de larvas de 1[grados] e 2[grados] instar de C.
Finally, it may be concluded that the dexamethasone hormone treatment showed profound influence by elevating growth and development of silkworm larvae and a significant reduction in larval instar period.
Reproductive biology, fecundity, egg diameter size, and instar lengths are provided for Orconectes (F.
Co-feeding transmission experiments were carried out by infesting clean BALB/c mice (n = 7, Harlan, UK) with 10 third instar O.
Second instar nymphs exhibited a higher degree of overall mortality than did third, fourth, and fifth instars (Table 1).