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The appellate court similarly disposed of Fuhr's limited cross appeal rather summarily, concluding that Fuhr's attorney had made quite clear in his briefs that the propriety of the request for future damages was dependent on the judge's subsequent ruling on her request for an instatement order and that the jury had not been advised of this contingency.
The instatement of the 48-year-old, who moved to the village with her husband Stephen, ends a leaderless 15 months for the parish after the retirement of its last vicar Tom Thompson in September last year.
She has served as LA/LB Seaport Port Director since January 2017 prior to todays formal instatement.
The solution, it is said, is to bring forward the instatement of 50 New Labour peers, non-homophobes all, just in time for the next vote on Section 28.
Tenders are invited for the project in general consists of - demolition of existing bridges, damaged masonry parapets and spandrel walls and all associated bridge elements - bridge widening of existing bridge structures - masonry repair and masonry build of existing spandrel and parapet walls - casting of new concrete aprons and skirts - masonry repointing with nhl-5 lime mortar - minor stonework repairs - bridge replacement structures, abutments, retaining walls, rc works, - gabion retaining walls, road construction, fences, barriers - river diversion works - excavation of soft verges and instatement of rubbing strips - cleaning and repair of existing abutments using underpinning technique - road closures, temporary crossings, diversionstype of contract: works