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His part opens with David Harris Sacks's "Rebuilding Solomon's Temple: Richard Hakluyt's Great Instauration," which focuses on two early modern authors (Hakluyt and Bacon) and tries to find the link between them.
The situation described in this study is particular to developing countries, where the instauration of better hygienic practices can have a great impact by decreasing the burden of infectious diseases such as infectious diarrhea.
En quarante ans, l'idee de stimuler la participation des immigres et des citoyens issus de l'immigration a toujours ete presente, mais on peut croire que les motivations qui ont mene a son instauration et a son maintien ont pu changer.
Tableau 2 Definition des facteurs therapeutiques de groupe identifies par les participants dans leur experience a l'hopital de jour (Yalom et Leszcz, 2005) Instauration de l'espoir Ressentir de l'optimisme en observant les ameliorations chez les autres membres du groupe.
Whatever the amount of trade with China, the bedrock of lasting peace and prosperity in Africa remains in a steady increase in intra-trade among the countries of the region, the respect of human rights and the instauration of democratic rules.
Masmoudi [17] measured by FTIR a decrease in instauration index and an increase in carbonyl index during stability studies of cosmetic "oil in water" emulsions taking as instauration index [A.
The information about the diet only refers to the frequency of food intake, without considering the number of portions consumed or the time transpired since its instauration.
Ian Box identifies a contradiction, even within the Essayes, between their Machiavellian practical politics and the 'Christian' moral tone that Box associates with the New Atlantis and indeed the instauration itself.
December 21, 2010 (LONDON) -- Darfur rebel Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) slammed statements by Sudanese President over the instauration of an Islamic state in northern Sudan saying it might hinder peaceful settlement to the seven year conflict.
One should reiterate NATO's willingness to support the instauration of a Euro-Atlantic order based on cooperation with Russia alongside restating that the member states' security and interests will be protected.
However, by the second half of the century, these utopian and romantic ideals for a new nation were faced with new social, economical, and political challenges, among others by the abolition of slavery in 1888 and the instauration of the Republic in 1889.