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the exception is annoying; but then, if instead of asking him for money, you were to ask "
Likewise, 44-Dn Shah Hussain Express train left for Karachi from here at 10:30 pm instead of 7:00pm.
Meanwhile, the third segment, where people use from 101 to 200 kWh, will cost EGP 0.5 instead of EGP 0.36 for 1 kWh.
The others are Mr Fuad Hussein S.7 million instead of Sh1.6 million, Ms Eve Malenya S million instead of Sh1.6 million, Mr Lawrence Otieno S.4 instead of Sh2.3 million, Mr Mark Mugambi S.3 million instead of Sh1.3 million, Mr Charles Thuo Sh2.8 million instead of Sh1.3 million and Ms Grace Muthami S.4 million instead of Sh2.4 million.
A 250 milligrammes methyldopa tablet, was being sold for Rs840 instead of its approved price of Rs638.
Graduates earning over the new PS25,000 threshold are set to benefit too, with lower payments compared to before, for example: | PS25,000 per year repays PS0 per month instead of PS30; | PS27,000 per year repays PS15 per month instead of PS45; | PS30,000 per year repays PS37 per month instead of PS67; | PS33,000 per year repays PS60 per month instead of PS90; | PS35,000 per year repays PS75 per month instead of PS105; and, | PS40,000 per year repays PS112 per month instead of PS142.
Xbox One S "Battlefield 1" 500GB bundle is now available for $249 instead of $299
Finest* Premier Cru Champagne (PS14 instead of PS18 until tomorrow at Tesco) While Valentine's Day romantics snap up the respectable and reliable Tesco Finest* Rose Champagne (PS15 instead of PS20 until March 1), the canny will opt instead for this well-crafted premier cru with lively effervescence and appealing biscuit-influenced lemon fruit.
Just rinsing the shower or bath instead of scrubbing it
Call a friend who has a positive spirit, and de- stress instead of keying in the words.
2 Pure fruit spread instead of jam and preserves IF YOU prefer to start your mornings with a few slices of toast, it may be worthwhile substituting jam and marmalades for a healthier spread.
Having examined the Latin text of some ten chapters at the opening and ending of both books, I stumbled upon some typographical errors, the first one of which unfortunately already occurs at the beginning of the very first chapter of the first book (16, line 2: delexi for deflexi), while at the end of chapter four, Young has iudicum instead of iudicium (28, line 18).