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Yung ROTC revived para kasi wala na raw 'yung, hindi na nai-instill 'yung discipline, 'yung love of country (The ROTC would be revived to instill discipline and love of country [among the students]),' Panelo said.
The purpose of this lesson is not to try to instill in these young minds the idea that there is no physical differences in people of different colors.
We were in the minority with our procedure for TOV that used a 60 cc catheter tip syringe to instill fluid.
On the other hand, the conservative and conventional school, in its administration and conduct, is both autocratic and undemocratic in its practices while seeking to instill through words the concepts and the principles of democracy.
On-site training can instill enthusiasm, boost morale, improve budgets, and generate good food in every camp kitchen.
The biggest fear I have about this business is waking up and not knowing where my next deal is coming from, and as a consequence I attempt to instill that same sense of concern in all that people that work with me.
Graham and Taylor to instill what Harkarvy says is "the quality of movement, thought and artistry that has gone into creating the technique and choreography of these twentieth-century masterpieces,"
The garden experiences they have at camp may instill a lifelong pattern of healthy eating habits and physical activity.