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SURFAXIN (lucinactant) Intratracheal Suspension: SURFAXIN is the liquid instillate dosage form of the Company's novel KL4 surfactant and is the first FDA-approved synthetic, peptide-containing alternative to animal-derived surfactants.
Rats were kept for another 30s in this position to avoid leakage of the instillate.
KL-4 surfactant technology has the potential to be precisely formulated as a liquid instillate or aerosol.
Breathing through the tracheal cannula ensured that aspiration of the nasal instillate into the lung did not occur.
study, in which 449 women undergoing laparoscopic peritoneal cavity surgery for gynecologic procedures requiring adhesiolysis were randomized to receive either Adept or lactated Ringer solution (LRS) as both intraoperative irrigant and postoperative instillate.
today announced efficacy data from a preclinical study of ARCAD(TM) Instillate in the prevention of surgical adhesions.
The fluids were irrigated at 100 mL/30 min in-traoperatively, and a postoperative instillate of 1 L was left in the pelvic cavity.
ARC) today announced that key patents relating to ARC's lead product candidate, ARCAD(TM) Instillate, for the prevention and treatment of surgical adhesions, were recently issued or granted in several territories.