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One of the guiding principles instilled by my father and grandfather when they founded Ambassador was to always give back to the community that has supported us so well.
Fourteen (70%) facilities reportedly instilled fluid until the patient reported the desire to void, and of these, four respondents filled the bladder until a strong desire to void was sensed.
The end of the draft both narrowed the pool of people serving and professionalized the military; fewer people circulate through on the short tours of duty that once instilled both appreciation for and understanding of the military.
The risks associated with the hand-held microkeratome blade historically used to create the LASIK corneal flap have, quite naturally, instilled a certain amount of fear and hesitancy in potential patients.
He believes contemporary dance is more open to both his special lyricism and the celebration of racial mix his parents instilled in him.
We know how much, for instance, racism is instilled in people's minds to create divisions.
Added magic is instilled by the wondrously facile Ellen Geer as the stage manager, whose homey, exquisitely timed commentary guides the flow of Wilder's masterpiece through three stages in the life of this timeless community.
At ABB, these key values are summarized in a policy bible, while at Virgin, they are more subtly instilled, with new recruits indoctrinated to the corporate culture and all employees participating in workshops, seminars, and meetings, which reinforce the ideals and provide feedback on performance.
UltrastHystero when instilled in the uterus, moderately distends the cavity and provides a negative ("black") contrast to enhance visualization of pathologies, such as endometrial polyps and/or sub-mucosal fibroids.