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Our clinic's practice had been to fill the bladder by slowly instilling sterile water or normal saline via the Foley catheter with a 60 cc catheter tip irrigation syringe, Once the patient had the urge to void, the catheter was removed.
Parents constantly negotiate between pitfalls, but instilling a work ethic makes us especially wary of either extreme.
Building self-esteem, instilling values in children and promoting social harmony are sentiments most people find inspiring.
In fact, Lisa Bainey is one of thousands of dedicated educators around the country who are truly unsung heroes instilling an ethic of stewardship toward our earth.
Now, it's obvious that the public schools are a ticklish arena for instilling values.
'Having such a program provides a means of not just developing a sense of patriotism and service as well as instilling discipline among the youth,' Biazon said.
The Public Service Month seeks to achieve among other things instilling of high productivity in the public service, reflecting on the 15 year implementation of Batho Pele Principles within the Public Service, and to honour the critical role played by the late Minister for Public Service and Administration, Minister Roy Padayachie in instilling pride and professionalism among public servants.
A fun, "kid friendly", and unique interactive audio-picturebook, "What Went Right Today" is strongly recommended to the attention of parents concerned with instilling proper and positive values into the hearts and minds of their children.
Designed to help mothers and children very young children bond while instilling a beneficial appreciation for healthy exercise, Mom & Tot Workout is a workout program that adheres to the dictates of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and can be safely followed all during pregnancy.
Since 1991, the company has served as its clients' strategic partner, instilling the vision for the development projects by overseeing their planning, marketing direction and serving as an investment bodyguard.
You set the atmosphere from the top and drive it down through the management teams, instilling it in the people who help grow the organization."