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Fear of any particular enemy is certainly an instinctive quality, as may be seen in nestling birds, though it is strengthened by experience, and by the sight of fear of the same enemy in other animals.
If we were to see one kind of wolf, when young and without any training, as soon as it scented its prey, stand motionless like a statue, and then slowly crawl forward with a peculiar gait; and another kind of wolf rushing round, instead of at, a herd of deer, and driving them to a distant point, we should assuredly call these actions instinctive. Domestic instincts, as they may be called, are certainly far less fixed or invariable than natural instincts; but they have been acted on by far less rigorous selection, and have been transmitted for an incomparably shorter period, under less fixed conditions of life.
It is scarcely possible to doubt that the love of man has become instinctive in the dog.
Let it be observed what a contrast the instinctive habits of F.
In this case our ordinary system of habits--those which we call expressive of our 'real selves'-- inhibit or quench (keep inactive or partially inactive) those habits and instinctive tendencies which belong largely in the past"(p.
Her eyes remained very wide open, and she lay very still, confirmed in her instinctive conviction that things don't bear looking into very much.
But the skipper has said that it was "not planned" but a "very instinctive" move on his part.
Instinctive thought 1: St George's Hall, the Museum, Central Library, and Walker Art Gallery are all five star reasons why Liverpool's visitor numbers are soaring.
GARY WOODS doesn't remember much about the instinctive wonder save that clinched Hamilton's last Premiership win.
It requires "being non-rational" and using "the good old reptilian cortex." It requires turning away from reason, observation, and inductive awareness--and toward unreason, "intuitive, instinctive awareness." If, however, we are willing to make that leap, we can see not only the fact that rocks have rights, but also its corollary: that capitalism and all of its components must be destroyed.