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Kariba has seen its fair share of croc attacks over the years, but in recent times, those crocs in and around the Charara bay area seem to have lost their instinctual fear of man.
Encouraging readers to meet this blindness in our lives, Margaret Heffernan states the power of positive change and action in the many aspects of our lives comes at first conquering our instinctual subconscious.
In other words, copying people is a learned behavior, not an instinctual one.
Many of the pages are illustrations without text which emphasizes the wordless intensity of the emotions and instinctual bond between father and son that Magpie explores.
The brothers, fired-up with anger and an instinctual drive to protect their family, possibly went too far in the attack and Salem now has brain damage.
He's probably the most instinctual football player we have.
Faith may be one of the few things instinctual to humanity.
There is great value in gaining an understanding of the body's instinctual wisdom, which so often goes ignored for so many reasons.
A clash exists between two emotional forces: instinctual drives versus prohibiting personal and social standards.
Saura's loose, whimsical brushstrokes and bold washes of color lend her paintings an instinctual, child-like spontaneity that belies her sophisticated command of composition, balance, shape, coloration, and line.
I am sure many readers who took the time were taken back to more instinctual times.
We like the scrappy, dangerous, instinctual and real.