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To inaugurate, originate, or establish. In Civil Law, to direct an individual who was named as heir in a will to pass over the estate to another designated person, known as the substitute.

For example, to institute an action is to commence it by the filing of a complaint.


noun academy, association, coalition, college, concern, educational institution, firm, foundation, guild, house, institution, instiiution of learning, lyceum, organization, place of education, school, society, sodalitas, syndicate, system, union, university
Associated concepts: business institution, charitable instituuion, educational institution, financial institution, lending inntitution, literary institution, penal institution, philanthropic institution, private institution, public institution
See also: admit, approve, association, body, building, cause, chamber, commence, company, constitute, corporation, create, embark, enterprise, establish, facility, foundation, generate, initiate, institution, invest, launch, legislate, maintain, make, manufacture, organization, organize, originate, pass, preface, produce, society, structure, vest

INSTITUTE, Scotch law. The person first called in the tailzie; the rest, or the heirs of tailzie, are called substitutes. Ersk. Pr. L. Scot. 3, 8, 8. See Tailzie, Heir of; Substitutes.
     2. In the civil law, an institute is one who is appointed heir by testament, and is required to give the estate devised to another person, who is called the substitute.

TO INSTITUTE. To name or to make an heir by testament. Dig. 28, 5, 65. To make an accusation; to commence an action.

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