institute legal proceedings

See: litigate
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Prempeh has given firm instructions to his solicitors to institute legal proceedings against Sammy Gyamfi and Kwame Zu if they fail to honour the conditions and demands being made by the Minister and MP.
In the meantime, security services spread through the city and began to institute legal proceedings against the aggressors on both sides.
MANAMA: Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities said it will institute legal proceedings against those involved in the destruction of "Ain Sakhara" (Sakhara Spring) in Sadad.
'TAKE NOTICE that if our requests are not granted we shall not hesitate to institute legal proceedings at the Federal High Court for the recovery of the huge fund that is being criminally diverted by some highly placed officials of the Ministry of Interior and their foreign collaborators.'
'I reserve the right to institute legal proceedings to protect my character and reputation,' he said.
Failure to adhere to this directive will lead to disqualification from pre-qualification process," she said adding that the service may institute legal proceedings against them.
LACKED BASISShe said the MP's statement lacked basis as he did not make any attempt to establish its factuality.Take notice that unless we hear from you on the above within (7) days hereof, we have mandatory instructions to institute legal proceedings against you at your own peril as to costs and attendant consequences," lawyer Muigai told Mr Ali.
Further, environmental groups would likely institute legal proceedings in the court system to block any attempted modification or withdrawal of the ban, slowing down agency efforts.
However, that won't prevent us from satisfying the judgment of the European Court of Human Rights and well institute legal proceedings in other courts and in other countries."
Yeung BIHL's latest statement to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange said: "Following an investigation over the past five months, after seeking legal advice, the board of directors of the company has resolved to institute legal proceedings against Mr Yeung, Asia Rays and Amazing Top in connection with alleged breaches of fiduciary duties of Mr Yeung whilst serving as a Director and a director of BCFC."
"We will have no option but to institute legal proceedings against both X-force and GLL."

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