institution of proceedings

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District peace/interfaith committees and local scholars of known credibility should be involved in blasphemy cases at initial stage of institution of proceedings.
Although "regrettable", the present time-lag between the institution of proceedings and the final decision on the merits of several years is "probably inevitable with a single court with a heavy workload" (p 205).
This judgment, plus other recent institution of proceedings alleging cartel conduct against Renegade Gas Pty Ltd and Speed-E-Gas (NSW) Ltd in August and then the Yazaki Corporation last week sends a strong signal to the business community that cartel conduct will not be tolerated.
He contends there is a patent illegality in the consequent decision of the Director General of the Bribery Commission to act upon an inoperative directive, which decision is further compounded by the fact that the institution of proceedings occurred when there was no Commission in existence.
Between the institution of proceedings and the rendering of a judgement there is a space of 18 months on average for civil service cases and over two years in other areas.
Today we are announcing the institution of proceedings against Yazaki Corporation and its Australian subsidiary Australian Arrow Pty Ltd where we allege they engaged in cartel conduct when supplying Toyota.

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