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In the face of Canadians' apparent suspicion of anything to do with religious institutionalism, the real question for the church is not if it should be ordaining people who are not heterosexual, but whether it should be ordaining people at all.
Adjustment in organizational structures in the context of European integration was mainly conceptualised as formal and/or institutional (Spanou, 1998: 471), hence the new trend in theorising this process as a middle-range theory as (new) historical institutionalism (Bulmer, 1998).
When developed, democratic institutionalism is stable and progressive because it creates "countervailing power" by distributing power widely.
In this paper, we apply a new institutionalism approach whose rich toolbox of techniques has rarely been used to analyze the transformation of utilities sectors in any systematic way (Barzelay and Gallego 2006; Beland 2007; Streeck and Thelen 2005).
According to DiMaggio (1998), many New Institutionalism authors have abandoned methodological individualism and emphasized the formal and informal aspects of strategic interaction between actors.
Digital humanities analysis techniques, in particular, have the potential to allow researchers to go beyond the theoretical constructs that have practically stalled innovative thinking in institutionalism and examine with more precision how ideas are "framed"--or unexamined--over time.
They do not deny the social context of politics nor the motives of individual actors, but "the new institutionalism insists on a more autonomous role for political institutions" (ibid.
Institutionalism, as we suggest above, emphasizes institutional stability.
Only at the margins are institutionalism and capitalism brought together, such as in the French regulation school, which is also referred to in the book.
There was an anti-theoretical bent within institutionalism, however.
Hence the toolboxes of various schools like realism, neoliberal institutionalism, and social constructivism offer to explain one set of facts about this conflict in different ways.
He said that has worked on several important positions in the government and he has worked through institutionalism.