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The current research is a preliminary step in systematically investigating the quantitative nature of the institutionalization of service learning among the four constituencies.
If by institutionalization we mean assigning value to an organization which endures above and beyond the specific function for which it was created (pp.
Because we wanted to limit our sample to those for whom institutionalization is an unambiguously negative outcome, we focus on men aged 18-40.
I thus diverge from the dominant approach on measuring party institutionalization through the use of electoral volatility by instead relying on more context-based and qualitative indicators.
It remains an open question whether this is part of the institutionalization process or the development of the local financial services sector, but I suppose it is a little bit of both.
Yyldyrym took the podium and said that institutionalization is required for the future of Fenerbahce, which, he argued, had been managed like a grocery store before.
Legislative scholars have researched legislative institutionalization through intensive field work in several legislatures, e.
In doing so, we aim to determine the degree of ideological institutionalization during the two decades of post-communism.
The present study is concerned with family involvement and institutionalization, and the effects of family involvement on institutionalization lies at the heart of this analysis.
Institutionalization is important, because it provides a sound base for achieving efficiency and effectiveness.
Following this, the Department of Human Services will review the program's effectiveness at reintegrating participants back to their life before hospitalization, and preventing unnecessary institutionalization of these physically disabled or mentally ill persons.
Of the 167 patients, 29 (17%) required postoperative institutionalization, and there was a significant difference in institutionalization rates between those aged 70 years or older and younger patients, said Dr.