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We're proud of this initiative and hopefully we can institutionalize this reform and make it yearly by passing the free tuition in SCUs act by early next year.
Administrators have an obligation to institutionalize agency response to officer-involved domestic violence/disturbance cases and support the officers who attend to these calls.
It is predictable to see the powerful attempting to establish and institutionalize their version of truth.
The dependence of the region's states on coercion and external powers reflects their failure to institutionalize, that is, to take root in the region's political culture.
Alvarez said he would propose amending the Local Government Code to abolish the SK and kagawads, in a bid to institutionalize the purok leaders and other barangay workers.
Cinchona Cruz-Gonzales (Party List, CIBAC), aims to institutionalize the industry cluster approach as a means of pursuing the local economic development through the inter-local cooperation (ILC) among Local Government Units (LGUs).
This article focuses on how police managers, like business leaders, can institutionalize ethics into their departments.
So why not institutionalize the existence of purok leaders?
Kazaure traced the struggle to institutionalize the framework back to 2010 during NBTE/British Council stakeholders workshop in Kaduna where it was unanimously agreed that, to enhance access and equity in education and employment, it would be imperative to institutionalize National Vocational Qualification Framework in Nigeria.
This paper investigates the cross-national institutionalization of formal civics-oriented school curricula and programs and considers how national educational systems contextualize and institutionalize these curricula and programs.
All that is left is to institutionalize one's immaturity, masking the fact that it has become a permanent state, an entropic condition.