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For instance, although the Presidential and Parliamentary elections of 2004 and 2005 were two significant steps towards institutionalizing democracy in post-Taliban Afghanistan, the internationally-backed government of Afghanistan was unable to counter the challenge of warlordism during and after the elections.
brand presidents to build even stronger brands, including institutionalizing the company's Yum
We look forward to its (P8-billion tuition subsidy) implementation and we also look forward to institutionalizing the free tuition through a law, given that I and several other senators have been pushing for free higher education for some time now,' he said.
As shown repeatedly in industry best practices, the foundation for institutionalizing systems engineering is the commitment of the senior leaders, demonstrated through action and communicated throughout the enterprise to instill staff commitment.
In an open-ended war on terrorism that may last for decades, institutionalizing torture will set the stage for a reign of terror that will not exempt those whom the torturers are supposedly protecting.

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