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The IFSB Working Paper (WP-03) outlines the potential implications of these developments for the Islamic financial services industry and identifies some policy areas where regulatory and supervisory authorities can work to protect the customers of institutors offering Islamic financial services.
Here is Mark Chasan again, on how our institutors are rigged to provide corporate generals the (legal) support: "A substantial amount of today's regulatory environment is couched in public interest, but provides great economic benefits to large corporations that can afford the lobbying and sponsorship, while often causing significant damage to the public, entrepreneurs, small business and innovation.
Institutors Mohammad Waseem Saad and Shiraz Shubassi also participated in arbitration in the finals, and members of the Challenger 963 were granted certificates of high appreciation from the International Olympiad Committee.
With regard to the significant correlation between job participation and job commitment, the obtained results were logical in the view of the researchers and there should be a direct and significant correlation between job participation and job commitment of the institutors of Literacy Movement of Baneh Township.

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