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A solicitor would still have to be involved in the case of, for example, court action, but a Chartered Engineer who simply wants advice on a contract, for example, can now instruct a barrister directly.
Instruct appropriate officials to determine whether requesting documentation in cases where no documentation is provided before initiating an audit would reduce the number of audits without significantly delaying refunds and, if so, implement such a strategy for the 2012 filing season.
Armando Martinez, D-Weslaco, asked the House to instruct the negotiators to "fully fund public education.
First, the court addressed the refusal of the trial judge to instruct the jury on the doctrine of RIL as the plaintiff requested.
For example, if we are able to pass along a cost saving in natural gas for a given week, we tell Wentworth about it, and they can instruct their buildings to switch over to burning gas for that week.
If you have taught two step classes that day and are asked to instruct a third, inquire if you may change the format to a strength-training class.
My observations suggest that the most critical elements of the RR program that are underrepresented in the classroom are the Instruct and Intervene elements of MIMI.
The coaching staff uses every chance it can get to instruct athletes to keep their knees between their first and second toes when bending during weight training, jumping, decelerating, and cutting.
More than that, however, God strengthens the servant in his suffering and has taught him as a teacher would instruct a student.
Offer the old one to a qualified senior in your facility and instruct him or her on how to use it and why this is important.
Pabel holds that Erasmus employs the medium of print to instruct a vast audience, the pastors of Christendom who are to instruct the ordinary faithful in the way to pray.
The Treasury and IRS have significant tools with which to address tax shelter activities, and we recommend that Congress instruct that these tools be fully utilized.