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Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], October 8 ( ANI ): Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis chaired a meeting with officials from Coal Ministry instructing to restore coal supply and to also use roads for coal transportation at the earliest.
Gavin Jehu is instructing and all anglers are welcome.
This March, Picasso's Kids will begin instructing students on everything from how to make American Indian dream catchers to designing skateboards.
Over the years, Anglicans, individually and collectively, have played a large part in forming and instructing it.
Back home at the Aberconwy Equestrian Centre near Llandudno Junction, he and his mother instruct riders at all levels of competence as well as road safety training, breaking and schooling horses and instructing young students for their BHS exams
Officials at a Methodist church in Alabama issued apologies to the local Democratic Party for instructing youngsters to collect Kerry-for-president signs, which they later destroyed.
After instructing for over 15 years, I know how difficult it can be to teach that third class of the day.
One obvious thing he could have done would have been to refrain from sending a January 11, 1994 fax to Romeo Dallaire, commander of the UN peacekeeping force in Rwanda, instructing him to take no action to prevent the genocide.
If a priest or member of any religious order has been especially instructed to perform such criminal actions, one could understand that all those who had a say in delegating or instructing him or her should pay for the repairs for all the harm done and deter such actions in the future.
Topics covered in a training program between local police departments and real estate agencies should include instructing realtors to:
In this publication, the author looks specifically at prescriptive books written by men between 1525 and 1675 for the purpose of instructing women in how to order their lives.