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The center will assist states, local education agencies, schools, and instructional personnel in identifying students and using evidence-based interventions and assessments to improve students literacy skills.
The request for proposals and a technical assistance session was offered to all instructional personnel in the Worcester Public Schools.
A large majority of school administrators consider the 2011-2012 IPEGS training as helpful or very helpful in preparing school administrators to rate instructional personnel on achieving both observable and non-observable standards.
The ideas are designed to be easily used by teachers, instructional personnel, counselors, occupational therapists, and others in special education and rehabilitation.
Instructional personnel 47% Other instructional 9% Non-instructional 17% Facilities 15% Management fee 7% Reserve 5% SOURCE: NewSchools Venture Fund data Note: Table made from pie chart.
At the conclusion of the discussion, the Board tabled the Chapter II rules as amended so that further revisions could be made, including revisions to the sections pertaining to the Associate Nursing Instructional Personnel (ANIP).
The applicable statute at the time provided: "The assessment procedure for instructional personnel .
It also arbitrarily caps the number of instructional personnel who are eligible for performance pay to 25 percent and calls for changes in how they are evaluated, excluding collective bargaining.
Other school districts, however, used tutoring by special education instructional personnel to provide educational services for similar students.
Romer usually had working breakfasts on Saturday; he'd pick the brains of small groups of teachers, principals, or other instructional personnel over eggs and coffee.
While no quantitative data has been collected at this time to support achievement gains from this group, it is hoped that students have benefitted from the positive interactions which additional instructional personnel present in their schools and classrooms have provided.
This option is only available to certified instructional personnel.

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