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The ideas are designed to be easily used by teachers, instructional personnel, counselors, occupational therapists, and others in special education and rehabilitation.
The request for proposals and a technical assistance session was offered to all instructional personnel in the Worcester Public Schools.
Instructional personnel 47% Other instructional 9% Non-instructional 17% Facilities 15% Management fee 7% Reserve 5% SOURCE: NewSchools Venture Fund data Note: Table made from pie chart.
SCOPE OF SERVICES The purpose of the solicitation is to establish an educator s professional liability insurance policy for full-time instructional personnel which protects these individuals from liability for monetary damages and the costs of defending actions resulting from claims made against the full-time instructional personnel arising out of occurrences in the course of activities within the full-time instructional personnel s professional capacity.
Figure 2 shows instructional personnel per 1,000 "regular" students recommended for elementary schools and high schools in several states.
Second, the article provides a figure that displays the supposed differences in instructional personnel per 1,000 students across eight state studies to indicate a weakness in the overall professional judgment approach, which relies on the judgement of a panel of educators.
the world's leader in IT management, today announced that Seminole County Public School District (SCPS) in Sanford, Florida has purchased Tivoli Output Manager to centrally distribute the critical information generated by PeopleSoft applications, and ensure that it reaches the district's 6,000 administrative and instructional personnel.
The bill creates a voluntary performance pay program, the Merit Award Program for instructional personnel and school-based administrators.
It will also develop, integrate and demonstrate a multi-team prototype system for testing with Navy operational and instructional personnel.
Often, those programs need to rely on instructional personnel who have not yet attained the desired level of training and preparation," said Mike Lorion, president of LeapFrog SchoolHouse.
The bill also exempts instructional personnel who work with children with developmental disabilities or who are child care personnel if they have undergone a required level 2 background screening in the previous five years, meet the standards, and have fingerprints retained by FDLE.

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