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This accomplished man condescended to think of a young girl, and take the pains to talk to her, not with absurd compliment, but with an appeal to her understanding, and sometimes with instructive correction.
This was her own relation, and is such a distinct account of starving to death, as, I confess, I never met with, and was exceeding instructive to me.
With a view to establishing the equilibrium of power and the peace of that part of the world, all the resources of negotiation were exhausted, and triple and quadruple alliances were formed; but they were scarcely formed before they were broken, giving an instructive but afflicting lesson to mankind, how little dependence is to be placed on treaties which have no other sanction than the obligations of good faith, and which oppose general considerations of peace and justice to the impulse of any immediate interest or passion.
I have had a long and instructive talk alone with Brother V.
I bowed to him with that inexorable politeness which I first learned under the instructive fist of Gentleman Jones, and which no force of adverse circumstances has ever availed to mitigate in after life.
He agreed with the remark; he enlarged on the remark; he was brilliant and familiar, and instructive and amusing--and still it was all due to the remark.
It would be instructive to know how she lived on that amount.
By: Nawal Sayed CAIRO -- 28 November 2017: The Interior Ministry organized an instructive symposium at the Police Academy in Cairo's Abbasiya district on Tuesday addressing the security personnel, to correct misleading concepts about Islam within the new policy adopted by Interior Minister Magdy Abdel Ghaffar.
Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi (PMAS-AAUR) and Kastamonu University, Turkey, signed an agreement to have initiated scholastic coordinated effort, common trade in instructive and research covering different orders and Mevlana Exchange Program Protocol.
After that, everyone expected that his outlook on life would change, his substory could be concluded and the series could more productively pay attention to new characters and their instructive issues and problems.
Bright aims to correct this lack of education in her thorough, instructive and valuable volume.
Contract award: european tender cleaning maintenance including window cleaning, foundation instructive.

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