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This increasingly dark sense of enlightenment may be instructively linked to Foucault's.
49) Instructively, Nairn's book was reissued in 1989 with a revised title, The Beginnings of the Australian Labor Party, complete with a new epilogue that excoriated Labor's critics.
In this sense, their respective humilities are instructively different.
The question of mandatory screening or testing for HIV infection instructively illustrates the reasoning required when moral values conflict.
More important, the proposed "a principal purpose" anti-abuse standard for subchapter K transactions can be instructively contrasted with the statutory anti-abuse standard for corporate acquisitions, which is set forth in section 269 of the Code.
That is, dichotomies can be reframed in such a way that they embody genuine balance or, even more instructively, in such a way that the once marginal term (or gender) becomes valorized.
Intuitively - and instructively for what follows - when the price falls because input market competition increases, the buyer of the input increases its quantity demanded, as it both substitutes the now cheaper input for other inputs and as it lowers its final product price, because its marginal cost has fallen.
Researchers working in the Dutch archives on Borneo would do well to consider how the Dutch perceived Borneo, as Colombijn does here so instructively.
Instructively, trading water is like trading employees.
Instructively, they restrict their analysis of white criminality to a male sample and parenting to a female sample.
There is the dedication to the shaping of the personality of her adopted son, John Salusbury Piozzi Salusbury, then going through his school years, to whom she writes frequently and instructively, even extending to advice on 'fine Mocha Coffee':
Lezra has noticed, instructively I believe, that a good deal of what seems important to us in theory and intellectual history "rhymes" with Lucretianism.

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