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But I've learned as well that returning from sickness doesn't lessen the impact of its instructiveness.
Though on the surface legends may be told without any open claim to instructiveness, most are
Two features of these studies limit their instructiveness for significant institutional replication and expansion.
The secondary literature on this famous text is now almost too extensive to survey, hence the instructiveness of the anthology compiled by James Schmidt, which includes both the texts which provided the immediate impetus for Kant's essay and the most interesting documents in its (contemporary) philosophical reception: What is Enlightenment?
Se evaluan las conductas reactivas y espontaneas que los entrenadores emiten en situacion de entrenamiento y competicion y, a partir de ellas, se definen perfiles de estilo de comunicacion teniendo en cuenta las dimensiones conductuales de apoyo, instrucciones y punicion --se utiliza apoyo, instrucciones y punicion como traduccion de las dimensiones conductuales suportiveness, instructiveness y punitiveness que no tienen equivalencia en espanol-- (Smith y Smoll, 1997a).
In understanding this claim, however, it is important to be clear that the key concept here is that of persuasiveness or instructiveness.
More important, students' belated affirmation of the instructiveness of the discourse on race generated further reflection on my own message-delivery capability in the eye of the storm: Should I just fold as I did in this scenario in order to deescalate dissent?
Chandler III, On the Instructiveness of Insiders, Independents, and Institutional Investors, 67 U.

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