instrument of war

See: cudgel
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He knew the names and characters and capabilities of all the men who were with him, and he set them to work at once with vigour and effect to secure this precious instrument of war. They got the thing down to the ground deliberately and carefully, felling a couple of trees in the process, and they built a wide flat roof of timbers and tree boughs to guard their precious find against its chance discovery by any passing Asiatics.
These if from servitude thou shalt restore To their inheritance, then, nor till then, Thou on the throne of David in full glory, From Egypt to Euphrates and beyond, Shalt reign, and Rome or Caesar not need fear." To whom our Saviour answered thus, unmoved:-- "Much ostentation vain of fleshly arm And fragile arms, much instrument of war, Long in preparing, soon to nothing brought, Before mine eyes thou hast set, and in my ear Vented much policy, and projects deep Of enemies, of aids, battles, and leagues, Plausible to the world, to me worth naught.
With this ancient instrument of war have I practised much in my youth, and peradventure the skill has not entirely departed from me."
Terror as an extension of state policy is not a new school of thought but is an instrument of war from ancient times.
military members who are wounded by an instrument of war in the hands of the enemy and posthumously to the next of kin in the name of those who are killed in action or die of wounds received in action.
The President lauded Ghazala for demanding an end to the oppression targeting women in IOK and the use of assaults, violence as an instrument of war against the womenfolk in IOK.
Field Marshal Manekshaw, one of the world's leading military professionals, developed IndianArmy into an effective instrument of war," read a tweet on the official Twitter handle of ADG PI - Indian Army.
Zafar Iqbal, and Prof Tughral Yamin shed light on the use of fake news as an instrument of war and the needed policy approaches for countering war propaganda.
Perhaps the most daring 'instrument of war' is Archie Oclos' outdoor mural 'Ang Mamatay nang Dahil sa Iyo,' not only because of what it portrays, but also because of its size (70 feet by 20 feet).
Press censorship is usually an instrument of war. Here, we keep it oiled, ready for use during peacetime.
panel of experts called the ongoing blockade of humanitarian and commercial goods "essentially using the threat of starvation as a bargaining tool and an instrument of war."
The panel report was also critical of the coalition's air and sea blockade of Yemen imposed after a missile attack by the Houthis near Riyadh on November 6, saying it was using the "threat of starvation as a bargaining tool and an instrument of war."

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