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He knew the names and characters and capabilities of all the men who were with him, and he set them to work at once with vigour and effect to secure this precious instrument of war.
To whom our Saviour answered thus, unmoved:-- "Much ostentation vain of fleshly arm And fragile arms, much instrument of war, Long in preparing, soon to nothing brought, Before mine eyes thou hast set, and in my ear Vented much policy, and projects deep Of enemies, of aids, battles, and leagues, Plausible to the world, to me worth naught.
With this ancient instrument of war have I practised much in my youth, and peradventure the skill has not entirely departed from me.
The Purple Heart Medal is awarded to members of the armed forces who are wounded by an instrument of war at the hands of the enemy.
The panel report was also critical of the coalition's air and sea blockade of Yemen imposed after a missile attack by the Houthis near Riyadh on November 6, saying it was using the "threat of starvation as a bargaining tool and an instrument of war.
Since 1989, they have killed more than 100,000 Kashmiris, used rape as an instrument of war, and employed incarceration, forced disappearances, torture, encounter killings, and custodial killings to bludgeon Kashmiris to submission and enslavement.
In her speech at the"Law, Education and the SDG's' seminar at The Hague, Sheikha Moza said,"Education is being used as an instrument of war and unless we break the vicious cycle of violence, the 2030 sustainable development agenda will not be delivered.
He notes that no book on the bombing war can pretend that there were not highly disturbing elements to the RAFAEs campaign, particularly since mid-twentieth-century warfare was typically ruthless, callous and grossly inefficient in its application of firepower, and in an era lacking precision targeting systems, air power in particular was a staggeringly imprecise instrument of war.
The people of Azad Kashmir particularly welcome the All Parties Conference's rejection of India's use of water as an instrument of war.
UN human rights chief Zeid Ra`ad Al Hussein said the number of rapes described in the report must only be a "snapshot of the real total", but the massive use as an instrument of war and terror had largely been off the international radar.
This is an instrument of war designed for the battlefield that is marketed and sold to the general public," said Mark Barden, whose son Daniel was murdered.
With a similar thought, Fontana's Cupid relinquishes his erotic ardor in order to play with the plumes of Minerva's helmet, a discarded instrument of war.

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