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A formal or legal written document; a document in writing, such as a deed, lease, bond, contract, or will. A writing that serves as evidence of an individual's right to collect money, such as a check.

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n. 1) a written legal document such as a contract, lease, deed, will or bond. 2) an object used to perform some task or action, ranging from a surgeon's scalpel to any hard thing used in an assault (a blunt instrument).

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a written legal document. See also NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENT.
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INSTRUMENT, contracts. The writing which contains some agreement, and is so called because it has been prepared as a memorial of what has taken place or been agreed upon. The agreement and the instrument in which it is contained are very different things, the latter being only evidence of the existence of the former. The instrument or form of the contract may be valid, but the contract itself may be void on account of fraud. Vide Ayl. Parerg. 305; Dunl. Ad. Pr. 220.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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135): advocates of constitutionalism and rights-based judicial review rely only on instrumentalist arguments according to which constitutionalism and judicial review are justified because (or as long as) they bring about better protection of human rights.
Once again, this method demonstrates the primacy of ear-based learning for the vocalist: they can get much farther with just listening and singing along that an instrumentalist who also needs to work out fingerings and other technical aspects.
When it started, 'Music Hero' went about its vetting process the logical way, inviting solo instrumentalists to submit videos of their performances, with the most promising entrants getting to perform live on the show.
Instrumentalists should realize that the repertory they play is vaster than they have realized, and slightly more difficult of access.
Previous winners of the Instrumentalist award include Evelyn Glennie, Andrs Schiff, Murray Perahia and Itzhak Perlman.
Mixed ensembles of singers and instrumentalists could perform together, although some instrumentalists would have to transpose since all parts are written in the same key.
Rutter's 'Requiem' featured seven instrumentalists including somewhat disturbing bass effects from the organ, but thankfully offset by a joyous Sanctus - bells to the fore.
She pointed out the fresh faces and talents of young instrumentalists and majorettes who have just recently joined the band.
The veteran singer, praised for his vocal prowess and his diverse repertoire, will be sharing the stage with an ensemble of fellow vocalists and folk instrumentalists from Turkey in tonight's concert at titled "Hazar'dan Anadolu'ya TE-rkE-ler" (Folk Songs from the Caspian to Anatolia).
The senior author (RTS) has published previous works on hearing loss in singers and instrumentalists. Additionally, in 1991, the senior author wrote an article for the Journal of Singing on hearing loss in singers, discussing the anatomy and physiology of the ear, and selected common causes of hearing loss.
Led by William Drury, the singers and instrumentalists have a broad repertoire of classical, jazz, American Songbook and contemporary music, and were a hit with their holiday show at Mechanics Hall last year.
e Hexham Gathering from ursday, May 22 to Sunday, May 25 sees performances from a host of young singers, dancers and instrumentalists.