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Pursuant to Section 2 (4), Article IX-C of the Constitution, the COMELEC is empowered to deputize, with the concurrence of the President, law enforcement agencies and instrumentalities of the government, including AFP, for the exclusive purpose of ensuring free, orderly, honest, peaceful, and credible elections, the memorandum order stated.
Also, in 2005, the department issued Advisory Opinion 2005-07A, which assumed that nonprofit organizations that contract with federal, state and local governments to provide health services to the public are not themselves governmental agencies or instrumentalities and concluded that a de minimis number of the organizations' employees could participate in a state health plan without affecting that plan's status as governmental under ERISA Section 3(32).
Our six papers here probe some of the transport instrumentalities that were parallel, overlapping, complementary and contradictory.
Because the IRS had previously recognized FCUs to be instrumentalities of the United States, the question remained as to whether any retirement plan maintained by a FCU would be considered a governmental plan under section 414(d).
f]reely ignoring the separate status of government instrumentalities would result in substantial uncertainty over whether an instrumentality's assets would be diverted to satisfy a claim against the sovereign, and might thereby cause third parties to hesitate before extending credit to a government instrumentality without the government's guarantee.
For its part, New York attacked the notion that federally chartered credit unions are instrumentalities of the federal government for purposes of these taxes.
or any of its agencies or instrumentalities other than Fannie Mae.
There the Supreme Court found that "duly created instrumentalities of a foreign state are to be accorded a presumption of independent status.
These include securities issued by the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and its political subdivisions, organizations, agencies, and instrumentalities, Puerto Rico mortgage-backed and asset-backed securities, corporate obligations and preferred stock of Puerto Rico entities, and other securities that the Investment Adviser may select, consistent with the Fund's investment objectives and policies.
In [section] 1603(a), however, the Act establishes that 'foreign state' has a broader meaning, by mandating the inclusion of the state's political subdivisions, agencies, and instrumentalities.
Government or one of its agencies or instrumentalities, or rated "investment grade" by a nationally recognized rating agency (e.