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The trial court had relied on the case to support its position that coverage does not apply where the vehicle is not the instrumentality causing the harm.
The varied shape, scale, appearance, cost, and operating characteristics of transport devices does not diminish or privilege any particular instrumentality.
The IRS had previously said that a FCU is not an agency or instrumentality of the U.
Despite the assumption in both the popular and research literatures that instrumentality beliefs are antithetical to a sincere interest in school, fine-grained analyses of the circumstances that produce intrinsic motivation have offered a more complicated picture (Covington & Mueller, 2001; Husman & Lens, 1999; Simons, DeWitte, & Lens, 2000).
36) Congress added the takings exception to deal with expropriations, which are inherently governmental, yet it did not make the distinction between commercial and noncommercial actors in defining "agency or instrumentality.
Grantee is a foreign government or any agency or instrumentality thereof or is an international organization designated as such by executive order under 22 USC Section 288 (even if not described in Sec.
Second, the proper method for a court to expand the patent monopoly right to include an accused instrumentality that does not literally infringe is through an application of the doctrine of equivalents, not through an expansion of the literal claim scope.
Being future oriented or perceiving the instrumentality of a present task for future goals or tasks is said to enhance motivation, performance and persistence (De Volder & Lens, 1982; Eccles & Wigfield, 1995; Miller, Greene, Montalvo, Ravindran, & Nicholls, 1996; Moreas & Lens, 1991; Zaleski, 1994).
In fact, the concepts of perceived instrumentality and task utility value are nearly synonymous.
The instrumentality of the love-object in the first text, and the tendency towards identity of the two friends in the second, are both set against a philosophical tradition (or traditions) inquiring after the nature of the highest love.