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In contrast, this study approves the research findings of Zahra Vaezi (2008), who found the Iranian students' positive attitudes towards learning English, although they were motivated instrumentally.
They used a linear combination of instrumentally measured color and texture differences of each sample pair (using the BYK-mac instrument) to define a total appearance difference formula (TADiF).
This is because eating the fly is only instrumentally good for the plant.
Our visitors were a very talented group both vocally and instrumentally and we had a splendid concert.
Featuring an instrumentally diverse membership, it includes instruction for students in piano, violin, cello, flute and voice, and all students of the members have ample opportunities to perform in recitals.
The scene is borrowed, instrumentally, as the way of seeing.
Instrumentally, the album is mature and benefits from the years of experience of its players, especially Ebbage.
Instrumentally led with occasional vocals, the songs sit somewhere between The National and Nick Cave.
The researchers measured the color of the grain, flour and bread crumb instrumentally using the CIE L* a* b* color scale.
Ensuring that the EU acts as a political union in global socio-economic challenges and negotiations moving forward, influencing the US, the Americas and Asia, plus how the EU can develop better trade relations with Africa to develop and not destroy communities and emerging economies there, will have an instrumentally massive impact on the post-recession world order.
ItAAEs instrumentally spartan, relying on the 53-year-old artistAAEs still-girlish voice, elemental acoustic guitar and harmonies with any of several duet partners.
Purpose: This is an overview of a novel tooth color measurement system that has been validated both clinically and instrumentally.