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If insubstantiality cannot be ascertained and the FMV of the donated asset must be determined, using government per diem rates for lodging, taxes, meals, and incidental expenses is one good strategy for reasonably valuing a vacation voucher.
Yet her physical insubstantiality, even incapacity, diverts attention from her physical assets (which would include her lineage) to her character, her values.
One is the interpretation and impact of the anatman (non-self) theory, the Buddhist doctrine about the metaphysical/ontological insubstantiality of the self.
However, here, where the "trans-" is reborn according to Epstein (2011), any work becomes "aware of its own failures, insubstantiality, and secondariness".
The ephemerality that hovers over the book reflects the voice of experience, recognizing the elusiveness of aspirations, the insubstantiality of achievements, the inability to control, the passage of time, and the inevitable end.
Of course, the insubstantiality critique will apply to both the claim that nature has value as well as the claim that it has disvalue.
10) At the beginning of the century, Daniel Defoe describes credit as "a Consequence, not a Cause; the Effect of a Substance, not a Substance; 'tis the Sunshine, not the Sun" (9), a lyrical description of its insubstantiality that finds echoes in Pope's Epistle to Bathurst: "Blest paper-credit
In the second line, the "lightness in her footfall" operates similarly: the word "lightness" suggests the nimbleness of her easy movements--she was light on her feet--but the term also points to the insubstantiality of her tread because the child had hardly touched the world when she left it.
With its solid airiness, its engineered abstraction, and above all its incarnation of electrical insubstantiality within industrial substance, it appealed to artists who like Hillier found themselves pulled between competing aesthetic theories: the representational and the abstract, the romantically organic and the classically austere.
Despite its dream-like insubstantiality, the shadowy part of herself that Kambili relegates to her aunt's flat is thus made one--and wholly so, for the toilet in her dream swallows the entire mass of her flesh--with precisely those bodily excretions that ground us most forcefully in our materiality.
McGann's The Poetics of Sensibility, it should be noted, makes an approving appearance in Chapter 2, "The Celtic Bard in Ireland and Britain," where his application of the phrase "materialized mentality" to James Macpherson's Ossian poems wins both praise and further reflection: "mentality" reasserts itself in Larrissy's reading, which points out that "the very fact that readers feel compelled to debate the insubstantiality or otherwise of Ossian is in itself significant" (46).
Adams invokes the simile of the chariot made up of parts that stands for the way the being (satta) is composed of khandhas, (16) which is a traditional approach to illustrating the insubstantiality of the self.