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As the world around her, undermined by the hypocrisy of the concrete, fills with troubling figures of metamorphosis and insubstantiality, a host of monstrous images of chimeras, vampires, poltergeists, and other incarnations of uncertainty loom at the edges of her consciousness, bringing on waking nightmares of anxiety and confusion.
At Santa Maria do Bouro you are made aware of the mass, grain, weight and texture of stone, the insubstantiality of a glass door held within a fine metal frame, and in turn set within the mass of a grave, unadorned stone wall.
For Henry, then, as with Eliot, the unobjectified emotion seems terrifying in its insubstantiality.
Still, there is an unexpected pathos in blank pages so eager to expose their own groundlessness and insubstantiality.
One way of countering this is to meditate upon the five aggregates to try to locate the essence toward which one is angry; this will lead to a deeper understanding of the insubstantiality of all things--including persons--which will diffuse the anger, at which point the metta meditation can be taken up again (Vism.
In this environment, the insubstantiality and impermanence of all subjectivity (which for Thel is a source of distress) is shown to be the necessary condition for love and reciprocity.
For there is a danger in situating a reclamation of identity too resolutely in the body, that material presence which is invoked in literature, philosophy, and theory by feminists and nonfeminists alike to counter the slippery identity constructions of poststructuralists, the radical alterity imposed by racist and sexist discourses, the insubstantiality of thought.
Above, he wanted the glass skin to float in increasingly ethereal insubstantiality.
The Orphic descent contemplated in "Problem of Knowledge," like that of the memories of the dead in "Calendar," is a movement backward in time, as Strandberg writes: In this poem "the insubstantiality of the past, its seeming unrealness, frustrates beyond endurance the seeker who must begin his search for identity by breathing real air into the vanished lungs of skeletons, if the skeletons themselves are not vanished also.
That is to say, these stories have all the appeal of the best kinds of pop - off-the-wall humor, brash innovation, breezy iconoclasm, unstudied charm, reckless energy - along with some of pop's disadvantages: insubstantiality, shallowness, plain recklessness.
Concerned with the mortal, mad, and corporeal, Rehearsals of Memory challenges those who would see only insubstantiality in "new media art," showing as it does the danger and dignity of blood, skin, and memory.
The puppets here are true shadows, betraying far less of their physicality than in previous works, and this dematerialization joins with the acidic chroma in an atmosphere of apocalyptic insubstantiality.