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Based on the patient's clinical history and x-ray findings, we determined that the patient had sustained a bisphosphonate-associated proximal femoral insufficiency fracture.
However, osteopenia, vitamin D deficiency, the use of inhaled steroids, and heavy smoking may have led to a spontaneous distal tibial insufficiency fracture.
Insufficiency fractures (IF) occur when normal stresses are applied to bone weakened by osteoporosis.
Subtrochanteric insufficiency fractures in patients on alendronate therapy: A caution.
Insufficiency fractures occur in previously weakened bone under physiologic stress such as post arthroplasty or cruciate ligament reconstruction (1,2).
The pelvis is a common location for an insufficiency fracture in older adults.
11) Multiple myeloma can be identified from an insufficiency fracture by the loss of posterior vertebral body height.
Second, clinicians should suspect a possible insufficiency fracture even in upper extremity in patients under long-term bisphosphonate therapy.
Pelvic insufficiency fracture is a type of stress fracture and it refers to the failure of the skeleton to withstand submaximal forces over time.
More recently, with histopathological correlation, the primary event leading to SONK was found to be a subchondral insufficiency fracture, and the resultant osteonecrosis was due to the microfracture.