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The depiction of subchondral linear lesion of low signal intensity is consistent with microtrabecular insufficiency fracture (Fig.
Subchondral insufficiency fracture was observed in seven, six and four patients receiving tanezumab 5 mg, tanezumab 2.5 mg and NSAIDs, respectively.
Herein, we present a case of a sacral insufficiency fracture (SIF) and sacroiliitis, as a part of non-radiographic axial spondyloarthritis (nrAxSpA).
Pavlov, "Insufficiency fracture of the talus: diagnosis with MR imaging," Radiology, vol.
Based on the patient's clinical history and x-ray findings, we determined that the patient had sustained a bisphosphonate-associated proximal femoral insufficiency fracture. Insufficiency fractures arise from normal physiologic stress on abnormal bone.
(1,2) Methotrexate osteopathy is one of the side effects of the drug when used in high doses and is characterized by bone pain, osteopenia, and insufficiency fractures. (1) This spectrum of MTX osteopathy was previously studied in patients on low-to intermediate doses and the results varied.
Of these 36% were between 50-59 years and 28% were between the age of 60-69 years.The mean age of presentation in our study population was 55 years, slightly lower than in the previous studies.Current data suggest that distal radius fractures in the elderly may represent an insufficiency fracture associated with all of the risk factors for osteoporosis.
Caption: Figure 3 Anteroposterior pelvis radiograph after the patient sustained a low energy trauma demonstrating bilateral iliac wing insufficiency fracture and left total hip arthroplasty dislocation.
BML, most easily detected by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), is identified by inflammation surrounding a microscopic insufficiency fracture within the subchondral bone.
Occult and subtle fractures maybe divided into: (1) fractures associated with high energy trauma; (2) fatigue fracture secondary to repetitive and unusual stress being applied to bone with normal elastic resistance; and (3) insufficiency fracture resulting from normal or minimal stress on a bone with decreased elastic resistance [4].
Subtrochanteric displaced insufficiency fracture after long-term alendronate therapy- a case report.
There are few published cases with stress or insufficiency fracture due to osteoporosis in the relevant literature (6,10,11).