insufficiency of funds

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The Company does not currently know what actions might be taken or claims might be made by either the Noteholders or the Company with respect to an event of default or any insufficiency of funds to pay costs associated with the Securitized Notes.
ISLAMABAD -- House of the Leader and Incharge Minister for Cabinet Division, Jehangir Badar has said that Capital Development Authority (CDA) could not start construction work in I-15 Sector due to insufficiency of funds.
32 million) were effected nor its guarantee cheques dated 1/12/2008 (Dh57 million), 1/6/2009 (Dh57 million) and 1/12/2009 (Dh57 million) were honoured, whereby 3 cheques issued by Khoie were dishonoured due to insufficiency of funds,' the duo said.
The termination payment is sized sufficiently to cover 90 days of interest at the maximum permitted interest rate of 10%, based on a year of 365 days, and bondholders are additionally protected in that any insufficiency of funds at the time of bondholder redemption is explicitly the obligation of UBS.