insufficient income

See: indigence
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Sparsit fighting out a daily fight at the points of all the weapons in the female armoury, with the grudging, smarting, peevish, tormenting Lady Scadgers, still laid up in bed with her mysterious leg, and gobbling her insufficient income down by about the middle of every quarter, in a mean little airless lodging, a mere closet for one, a mere crib for two; but did he see more?
70% of landlords have loans and 71% of them have insufficient income from their rental property to cover the mortgage repayment.
For instance, the first man I met always talked about his insufficient income which meant he was after my money.
The first of two bills approved by the Cabinet last Friday relates to the insolvency of natural persons and regulates the restructuring of loans to ensure a smooth repayment programme and secure the primary home from foreclosure, while up to e1/415,000 of debts may be written off where the borrower can prove insufficient income or funds to repay the loans.
Almost 77 percent expect to face obstacles to their goals, the biggest being insufficient income (selected by roughly two in five respondents).
Risk sharing avoids the potential long-term real and social costs of insufficient income replacement for retirees.
8220;Malnutrition and insufficient income to meet basic needs are very real threats for millions of families in Central America,” said Katie Aune, Passports with Purpose board member.
Our research reveals widespread concern about having an insufficient income in retirement and many seem resigned to working longer.
However, while the changes may indeed put off those with weaker claims, there will still be financial support for claimants with insufficient income to pay the relevant fees so employers shouldn't see these changes as reducing the risk of claims entirely.
However, this option is only available if the resident has insufficient income to pay for residential care and, currently, has savings of less than PS23,250 excluding the value of the property.
Due to insufficient income, the whole family gets involved in the making of Indian cigar, putting their health at stake.
As the article makes clear there is insufficient one bedroom accommodation for tenants to downsize to, and people have insufficient income to pay the tax.