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The Ugly Sisters--the revival's first cast was the stellar matching of Anthony Dowell and Wayne Sleep--were insufficiently differentiated in character both being seen as mean and aggressive, and a stylistic similarity plagued the Season Fairies, once danced by ballerinas and now undercast.
In a study intended to be comprehensive, inevitably, some readers will identify areas that have been insufficiently treated or ignored.
Further, they make a unique contribution by explaining just how we've arrived at the often fragmented, insufficiently staffed, yet highly regulated institutions that shape the lives of children today.
It also shows that the system is insufficiently robust for everyday use and too expen- sive to operate on an all-Wales basis.
If you're having difficulty grasping this, you're not alone; many facility operators are insufficiently aware of the details of this product.
Remtech contends that the agency's cost comparison under Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-76, comparing Remtech's proposal to perform the services to the government's "most efficient organization" (MEO) plan for the services, was flawed, since, according to Remtech, the MEO plan is insufficiently staffed to meet the solicitation's performance work statement (PWS), and, consequently, is understated in cost.
Often crucial assertions are not footnoted at all, or insufficiently so.
The author seeks to clarify an aspect of Frege's thought that has been only insufficiently explained in the literature, namely, his notion of logical objects.
A certain magazine editor has been concerned for some time that the problem with the designs that have been rolling out of Detroit are insufficiently "American.
Vincent is an introduction to a religious culture that has been relatively unknown and insufficiently documented.
The court also found that the hearing officer was not rendered insufficiently fair and impartial because he was the supervisor of the security staff who responded to the incident.
Somehow, though, we suspect she would regard that course of action as insufficiently radical, not to say insufficiently Whitmanesque.