insufficiently considered

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valorisation of natural resources is recognized and accepted, however, been insufficiently considered in
They treat some topics that Yoder insufficiently considered, and others that he barely addressed.
This book selects a series of familiar reference points--coffee-house culture and the emergent periodical, the South Sea scheme and nascent capitalism, Pope's literary dominance during the 1730s, and Richardson's recuperation of the feminine-but tells the narrative through attention to figures who are often either overlooked or insufficiently considered in relation to one another.
It will serve, however, as a historical postscript to the last 15 years of insufficiently considered hospital development.
We believe that an outline application is inappropriate for a site of such importance and we feel that the potential impact of proposals is insufficiently considered.
Where this neighbourhood differs from others is that we live on the access road and so know more than others about possible snags and disadvantages which we think have been insufficiently considered.