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Also meriting additional consideration is the proposition that insularity bestows a special qualitative value on its exports in the eyes of continental consumers, e.
The former is no real loss to a movie like this one; indeed, a kind of non-narrative, detached approach is an inspired stroke for a tale of serene Buddhist insularity colliding with the harshest of worldly ideologies.
He and Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns perform, in their eyes, a sublation of Action Painting, canceling its abstract insularity but preserving its emotional intensity, and thus continuing an art of expressiveness, revealing therein Abstract Expressionism's own proclivities toward representation, toward landscape (Jackson Pollock), toward the body (Willem de Kooning).
We hope to eliminate the insularity of a staggered board, and urge other shareholders to support our proposal.
The 32 contributions from European and American academics cover such topics as the diversity and insularity of sociological traditions; the sociology of consumption and lifestyle; and the politics of global inequality.
The modern world is increasingly internationalist in outlook and discourages insularity and parochialism.
Insularity is a luxury that late 20th century stock market investors cannot afford.
In Eastern Europe, Hassidism was somewhat successful in attacking and questioning the dogmas of the Orthodox establishment but then it quickly degenerated into its own brand of fundamental know-nothingness, rejecting the outside secular world and proud of its insularity.
An octagonal piece suggests sweeping arcs that can move from one zone into another, but these are unable to break the chains of insularity.
This may have made sense during the takeover frenzy of the early 1980s, but with changed marketplace conditions, it is CalPERS' position that insularity now works primarily to hamper directors' accountability to shareholders.
Some would suggest this is due to the geographical insularity of Australia, although I wouldn't go that far.
It would be easy to satirize life in Lakewood, easy to make fun of its insularity and conformity, but Waldie is not judgmental about the city he calls home.