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ALL of the above brings the insuperably droll planning chairman Cllr John Mackintosh's comments at the beginning of the planning meeting into sharper focus.
First of all, we have to become the sort of nation that will stop for a horserace - and whether you use decimals or the old-time numbers the odds are insuperably long about that eventuality.
Note also that the specification "individually or collectively" implies the whole problem of the status of this most urgent kind of knowledge in relation to the conditions of our collective existence, which Strauss, as is well known, understands to be an insuperably political condition.
Through this equation Ulaqayi makes himself at once his brothers' mother, to whom they are insuperably indebted, and their infant child, for whose life they are indebted to their wife-givers who are the child's mothers.
To claim a respect for the insuperably complex nature of reality even as you contort your way out of reaching the conclusion toward which you have been straining and striving?
Although an occasional individual continued to study in Europe, World War II made this almost insuperably difficult.