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It would be worth while to win, but she no longer thought life would be insupportable if she did not.
The heat grew more insupportable, and the trees and shrubs were blasted and dead.
Meanwhile, councils went on in the kitchen at home, fraught with almost insupportable aggravation to my exasperated spirit.
Khawaja Harris leading counsel for Sharif family cross-examined the NAB witness and argued that the three CDs provided by the prosecution to him were damaged as an error of insupportable format prompted.
Following the vote, top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee Congressman Adam Schiff told reporters "the majority found themselves in a insupportable position when they released a misleading memo and refused to release the Democratic response, so I think they were compelled to take the action they did today and we think this will be very useful information for the American people to see.
S'agissant de la TVA imposee sur le secteur immobilier et qui s'eleve a 19%, Bounenni a propose d'instaurer une TVA entre 7 et 13% au maximum : " 19% c'est insupportable a la lumiere de la crise que vit actuellement le secteur de l'immobilier ", a-t-il declare.
Meyers, founder and managing partner of Edg, said, "NYC, like so many urban centers, is facing an imminent infrastructure crisis as the continuous influx of residents will soon be insupportable.
Le president palestinien Mahmoud Abbas a declare que la situation dans les territoires palestiniens [beaucoup moins que] etait insupportable et qu'elle ne peut pas continuer pendant longtemps [beaucoup plus grand que].
Darragh Mackin of the Belfast-based KRW LAW, which represents Ibrahim, said: "For the trial to be reopened, and adjourned to October, is entirely insupportable.
The debtors suffer from crippling legacy labor obligations, principally in the form of medical benefits and pension obligations, as well as insupportable hourly labor cost," the company said in the papers.
A en croire les plaignants, qui sont directement affectes par cette situation insupportable, ces marchands munis de charrettes et de triporteurs encombrent les passages et obstruent quasiment toutes les issues, car ils n'hesitent guere a occuper aussi bien la chaussee que les paves pour pietons.
At best, they would have to commute for work to Leeds and Manchester, causing insupportable congestion on the already greatly overburdened M62.