insurance adviser

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Contract notice: Insurance adviser nuclear projects
With over 25 years of experience, Qdos Contractor is a specialist contractor tax, IR35 and insurance adviser.
She wants to help them find the best price and be their trusted insurance adviser.'
Customers who wish to make any changes to their travelling plans can contact their insurance adviser or email MSIG Customer Service Centre at by May 7.
Pennsylvania, US-based financial institution S and T Bank is selling majority ownership of S and T Evergreen Insurance to US-based insurance adviser The Reschini Group, the bank said.
2016 was a winning streak with 11 prestigious awards rolling in almost every month since June including biggest and best mortgage and insurance adviser awards.
The ABI said that in one case, an illegal insurance adviser who made PS65,000 selling fake car insurance was jailed for two years.
HENDERSON Insurance Brokers on Teesside has appointed a specialist in rural and farm insurance adviser to meet the needs of its increasing customer base in this sector.
Strategic risk and insurance adviser FRANK CRYSTAL unveiled a new identity as Crystal & Co.
TEAMING UP FOR CHARITY From left, Jessica Murray, customer adviser, Ann Newham, branch manager, and Natalie Frazer, senior customer and insurance adviser
She estimates that as much as 80 percent of the high net worth marketplace just isn't bothered with monitoring their own insurance programs, preferring instead to hire a insurance adviser or broker.
A SENIOR insurance adviser contacted police after receiving a letter seeking to negotiate a reward for the safe return of a stolen Leonardo da Vinci artwork, a court heard.

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