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The Pakistan General Insurance Company Limited###464###10.
Smaller companies, however, always found that forming a captive insurance company was difficult to justify on the basis of the economics of the transaction.
Insurance companies are required to report suspicious transactions that are conducted, or attempted to be conducted, by or through an insurance company totaling at least $5,000 and involving a covered product.
The question is whether the captive is to be taxed as an insurance company, although not regulated as such in that state, or as an out-of-state corporation.
American General Life and Accident Insurance Company
Conley has hired a general contractor to help him through the repair process and said he would like to repair his home - but only if he can recover the costs from his insurance company.
First, the insurance company lawyer is working for the insurance company - not you - and their job is to limit what the insurance company has to pay out.
When a camp asks its insurance company to add a third party as an additional insured, the insurance coverage provided by the camp's liability policy is extended to the third party.
The first step in the audit process is to determine if the insurance company has properly classified all job functions within the insured company.
TIG Insurance Company of New York, New York, merged into its parent, TIG Insurance Co.
Code (CRTC) [section]24410 provisions that limited a deduction for dividends received from subsidiaries engaged in the insurance business to corporations "commercially domiciled" in California, and to insurance company dividends paid from "income from California sources," violated the Commerce Clause.

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