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The policyholder may take out a loan against his insurance policy as the collateral.
A policyholder may choose to upgrade coverage (up to $250,000) by switching to an individual flood insurance policy at any point during the term.At least 30 days before the GFIP expires, the policyholder is required to apply for and maintain a Standard Flood Insurance Policy (SFIP) through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) to avoid a lapse in coverage.
Sensing this gap, the Trip Protector insurance policy will allow travellers to book their airline tickets and hotels, carefree in advance.
The committee deliberated upon usage of digital platforms for dissemination of insurance policy documents and affirmed that such methods will not only help in cost saving for the insurers but will also bring efficiencies and time saving in the processes, with an improvement in the customer journey.
Small businesses can now purchase a commercial car insurance policy separately from Next, or at a reduced price when bundled together with liability insurance.
In such, a scenario, Cases are referred to the Courts of Law and it is here when the Jurisdiction Clause of the Fire Insurance Policy shall have to be referred to: The Jurisdiction Clause of the Fire Insurance Policy would expressly name the Competent Courts of Law in the specifically named Cities/Towns of the Country wherein alike cases can only be referred to for litigation.
Travelers who are simply nervous about traveling to Hawaii due to the eruption won't find coverage under a travel insurance policy. Likewise, travelers who are concerned they won't be able to enjoy their trip due to ash and other harmful emissions aren't eligible, unless there is an evacuation notice in a city they are traveling to.
Apart from other initiatives, the NFIS Technical Committee on Insurance (TCI) has already completed the task of development of standardized insurance glossary for the insurance sector in Urdu for insurance policy documents and promotional activities.
"For example, our data shows that those aged between 25 and 29 are the riskiest age group to insure, with 11.9 per cent of people in this age bracket having made a claim on their UAE car insurance policy in the past year.
While life insurance policy loans and death proceeds are generally received income-tax free, the same favorable tax treatment does not necessarily apply upon sale or surrender of a policy.
HDFC ERGO Group Critical Illness Insurance policy is an extension of its popular Critical Illness Insurance policy.
Converting a term life insurance policy to a permanent life insurance policy should always be a back-pocket option for consumers.

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