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Policyholders, not the insurer, decide where to direct investments within a tax-protected life insurance policy.
When choosing a life settlement provider to acquire an unneeded insurance policy, select one that is both institutionally owned and funded.
A lease agreement between the lessor and the lessee requires that the lessee acquire an insurance policy for the vehicle, which identifies the lessor as the named/additional insured.
Because of the Additional Insured status provided to these two other organizations, your liability insurance policy has to respond to them as primary insurance.
Life Insurance: Many employers include a life insurance policy among their employee benefits.
Roman Rakover, 82, of Calabasas said he knows very well that his father held a life insurance policy with Assicurazioni Generali because he was the one who took the premium payment to the broker in Krakow, Poland, every three months.
Each insurer has standard policy language adapted to the particular terms of the deal, Indeed, one of the mistakes that some policyholders have made with M&A insurance is not ensuring that the terms of the insurance policy mirror the terms in the transaction documents.
All of these questions should be taken into consideration when determining an appropriate limit on your insurance policy.
In response to customer demands, IT vendors and security firms are now partnering with insurance companies to provide security consulting and management services packaged with an insurance policy.
In real estate, timing is everything, and the right type of life insurance policy essentially serves as a letter of credit, providing money just when it is most needed.
Even if the proceeds of your life insurance policy aren't needed to satisfy estate taxes, there's little reason not to put it into a trust.
A viatical settlement is a contract that allows an individual with a relatively short life expectancy to sell a life insurance policy for cash to a third party - an individual or business entity - at a discounted value of the policy's face value.

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