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First of all the reason why the risk has not been insured must be either because it was a specified risk which was not insured against by the landlord for legitimate reasons within the parameters of the lease, or the risk has been withdrawn as being a risk available in the market generally.
Willful or Reckless Acts or Omissions Increasing the Hazard Insured Against
According to the agreement, vehicles and their operators from one ASEAN country must be ''adequately insured against death and bodily injury and/or property damage arising from road traffic accidents'' occurring in another ASEAN country.
Even if goods are insured against theft, the money is not coming from the criminals as it should be.
In the end, the court ruled against Transatlantic, noting that the policy had no earthquake clause and the company was "relying on the defense that the disaster was 'an act of God,' not insured against.
The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is expected to sign an agreement Sunday to standardize and make it compulsory for vehicles transporting goods across each other's borders to be properly insured against accidents.
The function of residual insurance is to indemnify the insured against a loss that might occur if the sale proceeds of a properly maintained building is less than the asset's insured reversion or residual value at the point specified in the insurance policy.
But there are many other unforeseen events which are best insured against.
Is the client insured against liabilities arising from an accident caused by such persons?
These considerations are particularly acute in disability insurance cases where the very risks insured against presuppose that if and when a claim is made, the insured will be disabled and in strait financial circumstances and, therefore, particularly vulnerable to oppressive tactics on the part of an economically powerful entity.