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The person who obtains or is otherwise covered by insurance on his or her health, life, or property. The insured in a policy is not limited to the insured named in the policy but applies to anyone who is insured under the policy.

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n. 1) the person or entity who will be compensated for loss by an insurer under the terms of a contract called an insurance policy. 2) the person whose life is insured by life insurance, after whose death the benefits go to others. (See: insurance)

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INSURED, contracts. The person who procures an insurance on his property.
     2. It is the duty of the insured to pay the premium, and to represent fully and fairly all the circumstances relating to the subject-matter of the insurance, which may influence the determination of the underwriters in undertaking the risk, or estimating the premium. A concealment of such facts amounts to a fraud, which avoids the contract. 1 Marsh. Ins. 464; Park, Ins. h. t.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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It said that the renter, who did not cause the loss, was insured under a policy from Depositors Insurance Company owned by Karavan Trailers, Inc., who rented a motor home to Craig Dollansky.
In other words, this would expressly imply that the Insureds must, at first, incur the entire Expenditure of the Replacement/Re-Instatement of the claimed Machinery/Property from their own sources and only then can prefer their Claim on the Underwriters for Indemnification under the Re-Instatement Clause of the Policy, by providing Documentary Evidences of the Replaced/Re-Instated Machinery/Property.
Answer: You are correct that she is not an insured by definition.
But regardless of the length or format of an additional insured endorsement, the insured and the insurer should realize that a decision to make some entity an additional insured on a general liability policy should not be dismissed as just a simple business decision that has no real consequences.
Declarations are required to be made on monthly basis and this must be ensured that the Declarations of the expired month must also be made within the 30-days of the next Calendar month, duly Signed/Stamped by the Insureds and / or any of the irformally authorized Executive.
In contrast, an Additional Insured is a third party with whom the Named Insured has a close business relationship.
When in doubt, insureds should give notice as quickly as possible, and should not assume that the insurer has constructive notice, that deductibles need to be met or that a showing of prejudice is required.
correct that the insured does not have coverage for the
SIRs and deductibles are similar in that both require the insured to bear financial responsibility for a portion of a loss and, in this regard, represent an exposure that is not covered by insurance.
It is a common insurance requirement to mandate that certain parties be named an "additional insured." The status of an "additional insured" is conditional and not absolute.
Courts that have addressed this issue have consistently ruled that insurers have an obligation to defend and indemnify their insolvent insureds under their policies to the extent that covered claims exceed the insured's SIR under the policy irrespective of whether the insured has actually paid the SIR.
limited liability company, you are an insured. Your members are also insureds, but only with respect to the conduct of your business.