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The person who obtains or is otherwise covered by insurance on his or her health, life, or property. The insured in a policy is not limited to the insured named in the policy but applies to anyone who is insured under the policy.


n. 1) the person or entity who will be compensated for loss by an insurer under the terms of a contract called an insurance policy. 2) the person whose life is insured by life insurance, after whose death the benefits go to others. (See: insurance)

See: agreed, definite, fully secured, official, safe, secure

INSURED, contracts. The person who procures an insurance on his property.
     2. It is the duty of the insured to pay the premium, and to represent fully and fairly all the circumstances relating to the subject-matter of the insurance, which may influence the determination of the underwriters in undertaking the risk, or estimating the premium. A concealment of such facts amounts to a fraud, which avoids the contract. 1 Marsh. Ins. 464; Park, Ins. h. t.

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The sibling living in the house is the named insured; the brothers and sisters are additional insureds.
Another consideration when it comes to defending additional insureds can arise if the additional insured endorsement uses the phrase "your work.
Your members, your partners and their spouses are also insureds, but only with respect to the conduct of your business.
Insureds--Persons or entities--other than the named insured--that are granted insured status under the policy.
Additional Insured status is a common, though often elusive, concept in many real estate contracts.
Some jurisdictions have limited the process-of-nature rule to policies that contain ambiguous provisions such as requiring the insured to be "immediately" disabled, and decline to apply the rule to policies that require the insured to be totally disabled within a specified period of time.
For some insureds, such as clubs, hotels, restaurants, a major auto nonownership exposure is the driving of autos belonging to members, customers, and other members of the public to and from garages or parking places.
On occasion, insurance companies have inadvertently omitted one or more Named Insureds from a policy or renewal.
In most cases, the employer pays all the premiums and the insured is treated as receiving taxable income.
Additional insureds are faced with questions regarding the policy limits, exclusions that may void coverage, state laws nullifying indemnity agreements, the possibility that their own policies may be triggered, and their general lack of control over the other party's insurance program.
1990), to review the claim of a provider of medical services who is an assignee of the insured for payment from the insurer under the terms of an insured's group insurance contract.