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Some -- including federal regulators -- have suggested that small and midsize employers might rush to self insure to escape from new coverage rules imposed by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (PPACA).
This portion of the agreement is the most difficult to insure. Ask an insurance agent to review the property coverage to understand exactly what is covered.
The Condominium Endorsement is similar to the Cooperative Endorsement in that it insures that the overall premises constitutes a valid condominium regime.
This Policy also insures the interest contractors and subcontractors in insured property during construction at an Insured, Location or within 1,000 feet thereof, to the extent of the Insured's legal liability for insured physical loss or damage to such property.
Information about who originates, holds, purchases, or insures a mortgage in a given year is available from HMDA in combination with PMI data.
FHA does not make mortgage loans directly, but rather insures loans made by private lenders to homebuyers.
And, similarly, fire-resistive buildings should cost less to insure than frame buildings.