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It has been agreed that the effective date of the disposal be 1 January 2017 so any losses incurred by Creative Insurgence for the year ended 31 December 2017 will not impact TMG.
I call the insurgence a "generation" and not a "youth" movement because generations give birth to something intimate and original, whereas youth is a mere temporal coincidence.
Jaafar urged the leaders of the royal houses to keep their united backing, even as he assured the public that the "BBL is not and will never be a tool for insurgence.
Iraqi forces have retaken at least 700 square kilometers of territory from ISIL since the beginning of their insurgence, according to the official.
Among the topics are mapping Judaean society in the first century CE, animal sacrifice and political identity in Rome and Judaea, the Roman military response to Jewish insurgence 63 BCE to 135 CE, the social and legal impact of the fiscus judiacus and a possible relation with Josephus' Antiquities, and a shared ancient Jewish and Christian discourse.
See the extent the humanity became inhuman in Nigeria through Boko Haram, in Middle East through ISIS, in Pakistan and Afghanistan through Taliban, through fundamentalists, through insurgence, through mindless corporate mafias and many others across the world.
The four- day extravaganza will come to a close with sessions on tourism as well as the festival theme of ' Insurgence to Resurgence'.
Linda Harper-Brown in the Republican primary, protected the seat from a Democratic insurgence.
We are in need of trained khatibs (preachers) who are appointed to fight against such extremist insurgence," he explained.
Those who had fled Syria after Hafez al Assad's ferocious termination of the Islamists' insurgence and those who went into hiding, came back now in full force, along with their terrorist groups.
Several towns and provinces in southern and southeastern parts of Yemen have seen growing Al-Qaeda-led insurgence for three years.
Though maggots insurgence is not considered to be a threat to colostomy site but in view of tropical country like India where the flies population is rampant it is wiser to include its counseling in stoma care and the clinician should consider it as one of the possible differential diagnosis particularly in a case of colostomy presenting with local pain and discomfort.