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The next insuring agreement pertains to programming errors and omissions liability.
In part two of the insuring agreement, the insurer promises to pay all sums that an insured legally must pay as a covered pollution cost or expense resulting from an auto accident.
Each of the coverages in the CGL policy--A, B, and C--has its own distinct insuring agreement.
The coverage A insuring agreement is based on an occurrence--an accident--so if the insured intended to hurt someone or damage another's property, that would not be in accord with the intent of the insuring agreement.
In Powerine II, the insuring agreement in the excess/umbrella policies provided coverage for both "damages" and "expenses." In addition, the language in the agreement referred to "ultimate net loss" in defining "expenses," expressly including money the insured was obligated to pay for the "investigation of claims"
Insuring your assets on 'actual cash value' allows you to reduce the limit of insurance to the depreciated value of the asset.
"It's furniture we use every day, so we never thought of insuring it until we realized we had some museum-quality pieces."
In summary, insuring camp property requires some thought and investigation.
The percentage that they choose is called the "coinsurance percentage." The insured and the insurance company are co-insuring the property because the percentage that the insured chooses not to insure represents the amount of coverage that the insured is insuring.
The best candidates want to know and control the data, want to offer good benefits, and may see self insuring as a way to improve the health and productivity of the employees, not simply to save money, Fleet said
The liability insuring agreement under the BAP includes coverage for a covered pollution cost or expense.
* "Pay on behalf" versus "reimbursement" insuring agreements